How To Be An Attractive Man

Adam Kisiel

How to be an Attractive Man
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“How to be an Attractive Man” is a book for men of any age who are searching for effective ways to look and feel better. 101 tips gathered across 45 pages have been divided into seven sections, applying respectively to face, body, personality, mind, clothing, hygiene & grooming and living habits.

Some time ago, being a perfectly ordinary-looking guy, I was searching for methods to improve my appearance and have found an ocean of ideas, tricks, tips and advice, some obstreperous, some easy, some ridiculous, some brilliant. And some even depended on some quasi-psychological ways to influence other people’s mind, which is complete nonsense. That search gave me food for thought, which in turn persuaded me to write this guide, because I wanted to select the methods are simple, effective, and depend entirely on you.

When you want somebody to get interested in you, you usually think how to make her (or him) find you attractive. That is, you start thinking how to deal with the way they see you, and that approach is – and will always be – wrong (…) That’s why this is not a handbook on how to deal with people, but a guide on how to deal with yourself. Because the only way for others to find you attractive is to become so. This is a book which aims to show you how to achieve that.

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“A very useful book. A lot of common sense”

“Guess what – the tips worked, thanks!”

“This is not the first handbook on this subject I have bought but the first one I found worth buying”

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