The New Rules for Internet Dating

The New Rules for Internet Dating (Bdateable series)
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Learn the INSIDER SECRETS of Internet dating, secrets that will give you ENDLESS opportunities to date the type of women you dream about.

This book is both for the guy who is totally new to internet dating (and has yet to discover this ALADDIN’S CAVE of opportunities) and also for the guy who has been online looking for love for years, but has not yet had that REAL success.

You only have to look at the vast numbers of BEAUTIFUL, HIGH CLASS women online to know that the dating potential is ENORMOUS, HUGE, GARGANTUAN!


And it’s a BIG BUT…

If you’re going to succeed then you really, really need to know what you’re doing! If you approach internet dating half heartedly, without a clear plan, then you’ll mess it up time and again and keep asking ‘WHY?’

My book: The New Rules: for Internet Dating will take you from having little or no success to having as many dates AS YOU DECIDE TO HAVE! Yep, you heard me right; if you follow all the guidelines in my book you will be turning women away… simply because you lack the time to see them all! I’m not kidding, so I hope you’re prepared!

This is in-depth information!

Here’s a rundown of just some of the things my book will teach you:

•The step by step process to take you from zero to hero… get more dates than you ever dreamed possible!

•Learn the 12 secrets of creating a powerful, dynamic profile that attracts women like a magnet.

•Learn how to avoid the BIG mistakes that the majority of guys make in their profiles that turn women off instantly. One mistake and you’re history.

•How to make sure your messages get opened each time, every time! Trust me; an attractive woman gets so many messages on a daily basis that she often can’t wait to hit the delete key! I’ll show you how to make sure she not only opens and reads your message, but is also compelled to write to you!

•Learn the critical sequence that takes you from writing a great profile to meeting the woman of your dreams in person. I’ll take you through every single step!

•Learn the simple technique of writing powerful messages that make you stand head and shoulders above the competition! The other guys won’t stand a chance.

•Learn how to set things up for a perfect first date! Meeting for that first date doesn’t have to be nerve wracking…I will show you how to build attraction and connection online before you even meet!

•Learn how to deal with any last minute resistance a woman may have (meeting a guy from the internet can freak some women out; I’ll give you tips to handle any last minute jitters!)

•How to get her phone number, quickly and easily with no fuss whatsoever.

•Incredible tips that deal with one of the big pieces of the Internet dating process: timing! Some guys are in too much of a rush to set up a date and others dither for way too long. I’ll teach you how to read the situation, so that you know exactly when it’s time to ask for a phone number and make the date.

•How to build trust with a woman online. Lack of trust is one of the biggest barriers to getting that first meeting. No trust=no date.

•Learn why online dating requires a different set of skills, even for the guys who are incredibly good at dating in the ‘real world’. Trust me, Internet dating is a field all of its own, with its own rules and dynamics.

•How to build sexual tension into all of your communications… before you even meet!

And much, much more

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