What Men Really Want: An Online Dating Guide for Women

Jonathon Jones

What Men Really Want: An Online Dating Guide for Women
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A culmination of personal research covering 10 years in the online dating world as well as hundreds of discussions with happily married couples both young and old, this comprehensive guide is meant to provide valuable information to women looking for real love, and gives a multitude of suggestions on how to hold onto it when they have it.

It explains the needs of men who have emotionally evolved, the dos and don’ts of online profile ads, the picture types you need to steer clear of, the kind of women good guys are smart enough to avoid, and how to successfully date in real life. For those who already have a relationship or one that is forming, it will also discuss a variety of measures both partners can implement in order to keep a relationship thriving and, last, but certainly not least, how to get a person to not only desire you, but also to want to marry you without the slightest hesitation.

Overall, this comprehensive manual will give you a rare chance to see things from a man’s point of view, and, in turn, help you develop the skills you need to make yourself more of a catch.

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