Women’s Guide to Men: Updated Dating Advice & Tips for Online Daters!

Dr. Jacob Ray

Women's Guide to Men: Updated Dating Advice & Tips for Online Daters!
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Thanks to Kindle Readers “Women’s Guide” has just BECOME #1 IN THE KINDLE UK SHOP UNDER ONLINE DATING! Get it now and find the best guy for you! Help make this book a blockbuster and zap all the zeros with your new arsenal for dating success! Forget about a matchmaker or a heartbreaker, let the nine time Bestselling doctor help!

Ladies? If you are alive and breathing without your man get this book. Dr. Jacob Ray is an International Bestselling Author on Suicide. He applies his vast clinical experience to the world of dating! Stop wasting money on guides written by amateurs who do not have advanced clinical training in psychology. They cannot give you the insight you need to avoid dangerous men. Get the scoop on guys to avoid and attract the right guy for you. This no-holds-barred guide spares no feelings, be prepared to look at yourself in relation to dating. Dr. Ray covers many different types of men: cheaters, players, beaters, deserters, the mystery man, the fuddy-duddy, the stalker, and many more! Dr. Ray puts his readers through a screening process to ready themselves for getting to know a dater they’re interested in. He covers every facet of dating. Daters can find tips on fashion, how to handle anxiety, how to navigate through conversation, how to ask the right questions in the beginning to weed out bad daters, and how to eliminate men using the Red Flag System. Ladies? This book is just for you. It gives you an unmatchable glimpse deep into the psyche of the modern man. This economy-friendly priced Kindle edition lets you save money for dating and is priced to move at less than a buck! Grab a notebook, a box of tissues, and dive in to this revolutionary guide. Let a real doctor help you find your dream guy using real psychology, not a matchmaker’s guesswork. “Women’s Guide to Men: Updated Dating Advice & Tips for Online Daters!” makes a great gift for that lonely single friend, gift it on Kindle or in print!

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