Gay Dating 101: Finding Men, Sex and Love in A Complicated World

Gay Dating 101: Finding Men, Sex and Love in A Complicated World
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Finding men, sex and love don’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be a lot of fun if you know how. Through tips, strategies and exercises in Gay Dating 101, you will discover who you are, why and what to look for in men. You will also learn how to present yourself (body, mind, and soul) so that you can draw and attract men to you.

This book shows you just where to go to meet the kind of guy you like, how to read and use body language and the power of attraction to make the first move, and ultimately to seal the “deal”.

This isn’t a book about changing your personality, but about bringing out the best of it so that you can shine. Regardless of your background, your income, or your looks, gay men are out there and you can find them – honestly, without manipulation or playing games.

After you finish Gay Dating 101: Finding Men, Sex and Love in A Complicated World, you will have the tools you need to go out and find that perfect bedmate, date, or partner – and all the exciting sex, romantic dates, and passionate relationships you deserve.

Table of Content:


Chapter One: Introduction
A Note on the Word “Gay”
The Gay Community
What Do You Want from Dating?
How to Use This Book
Keep Your Heart Open – Mostly
Let’s Get Started!

Chapter Two: The Dating Scene – What Do You Want?
The Dating Scene
What Are Your Dating Goals?

Chapter Three: In or Out — Should You Come Out (Further)?
What Does “In the Closet” Really Mean?
How In Or Out Are You?
Should You Come Out Or Come Out Further?
Coming Out Of the Closet
Mixed Closets – Can It Work?

Chapter Four: Your Field Guide to Eligible Gay Men
Your Ideal Guy – the “Laundry List”
Nine Mr. Wrongs – and the One Mr. Right
Where to Meet Guys

Chapter Five: Overcoming Barriers to Dating Success
No Matter What You Look Like…
Barriers #1 and #2: Shyness and Lack of Self-Esteem
Barrier #3: Lack of Self-Confidence

Chapter Six: Developing Your Power of Attraction
The Science of Attraction
Six Steps To Developing Your Power of Attraction
Part One: Who You Are – Being Yourself and Being Irresistible.
Part Two: What You Do – Doing the Prep Work, Being Confident, and Being Positive.

Chapter Seven: How to Meet and Pick Up Guys
To Approach or To be Approached
Pick your Venue
Prepare Yourself
Make Eye Contact
Being Subtle
Your Signature Move – Putting your best foot forward
Making him Laugh
Special Topic: Flirting for Shy Guys and Pessimists
Making the Right Physical Contact
Deepening the Encounter – Isolating and Moving
Completing the Pickup – Closing the Deal
Absolute rules for Absolute Pickup Success
Advanced Dating Toolkit: From Gaydar to “The Game”
Overcoming rejection fast
Special Situations

Chapter Eight: Unlocking the Dating Code
Reviewing Your Dating Goals
Following Up From an Encounter
First Steps: Setting the Date
Dating with Sex in Mind
Dating with a Relationship In Mind
Dating Etiquette
Is This Going Anywhere?
Make Or Break Issues – When to Walk Away, When to Stay

Chapter Nine: How to Have Dynamite Sex
Safe Sex: The Basics
Program Your Mind for Great Sex
Get Your Body Into Its Sexual Prime
Setting the Stage for Seduction
Sex and Your Body
Dynamite Foreplay
Negotiating Sex
Oral Sex
Anal Sex
Anal Sexual Positions
The Big O: Your Best Orgasms Yet
Vanilla Sex vs. Kinks and Other Fetishes
Sexual Issues and Questions

Chapter Ten: Relationships and Beyond
Taking the Leap into a Relationship
Are You Ready? Is He?
Is He a Keeper?
Open or Closed Relationships?
Making It Public
Making It Work
Living Together
The Sure-Fire Guide to Solving Relationship Issues
Keeping Your Relationship and Sex Life Fresh
Breaking Up and Moving On

Chapter Eleven: Conclusion

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