Lesbian Dating 101: The Gay-Girl’s Guide to Finding Romance, Sex and Love

Lesbian Dating 101: The Gay-Girl's Guide to Finding Romance, Sex and Love
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So you’re a lesbian?

Deciding to be true to yourself is one of the best, and most important, decisions you’ll ever make. And making love to women ain’t so bad either.

Being a lesbian encompasses far more than sexual orientation. Many women find that opening themselves up to the gay community is like moving into an entirely new culture. It’s a way of life. It can impact how you think, how you love, who you love, and how you experience every single day of your existence. It can impact who you connect with, where you feel comfortable living. How close you remain to your family. How close you stay to your straight friends. How comfortable you feel living in your own skin.

Yeah, it’s BIG. But in a good way. You’re opening yourself up to the amazing experiences that lay ahead of you.

Lesbian Dating 101: The Gay-Girl’s Guide to Finding Romance, Sex and Love is written to help women explore and learn more about their lesbian sexuality, whether they’re just discovering it themselves, or they’ve been making out with women for decades. Like they say, no woman is an island. So, regardless of where you are on this journey, you will take something positive from this book, be it support, guidance, lingo, reassurance, sex tips or even just a dildo recommendation.

Contrary to its name, Lesbian Dating 101 is not just a gay-girl’s guide to dating and pleasing your partner in bed, it’s also a virtual GPS to solving almost every issue that women in the lesbian community face today. From understanding our bodies (and our partners’) to coming out at work; from staying safe from sexually transmitted diseases to getting the most out of your sexual experiences; from getting up the confidence to approach a woman to getting up the confidence to tell your children (gasp!) that their mom is a lesbian.

Being gay may not be something you expected for yourself, but sometimes the most amazing things in life come in the most unexpected of ways. Get the Lesbian Dating 101 book today. Flip through it, bookmark it and share it with your friends. There’s something in here for absolutely everyone!

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