Master Dating – 52 Brilliant Ideas

Author: Lisa Helmanis

Master Dating: Get the Life and Love You Want (52 Brilliant Ideas)
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“I was a steady-relationship girl from about the age of 16; which made my first foray into the single life at 27 rather surprising. It was a roller coaster of joys and horrors and an intense crash course ensued. After a good five years of delights and disasters, I can say I think I have a pretty good idea of how to chart the shark infested waters of dating; I’ve learnt where I can help myself and when to walk away, and even managed to have some fun along the way. “Master dating” will give you enough confidence to get out of any single rut. You might even enjoy yourself!” Lisa Helmanis. “Master dating” will inspire you to stop thinking of yourself as on-the-shelf and start enjoying the delights of dating. Learn how to meet new people safely, how to boost your confidence and most importantly how to enjoy the experience of dating. You may have to kiss a few frogs and none of them may turn into princes, but you sure as hell can enjoy yourself in the process! Lisa Helmanis reveals: How to meet new people through pursuing new activities; The things that should never leave your mouth if you want to see this person ever again; What to wear; dating dos and definitely don’ts; The basics of dating safety (public places, plans and safety); How best to deal with set-backs. Picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. With the 52 Brilliant Ideas series readers can enhance their existing skills with negligible investment of time or money and will substantially improve their performance over the course of a year. Each of the 52 chapters tackles a single aspect of the subject in an entertaining and lively way. At the end of each chapter is a “how did it go?” feature which allows readers to reflect on the lesson in a classical experiential learning pattern. The tone of each book is personal and informal; readers will feel as thought they are having a one-to-one with their favourite coach.

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