The Real Rules

How to Find the Right Man for the Real You

The Real Rules: How to Find the Right Man for the Real You
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Do you really believe you can find true love by playing games? Get real! Real secrets about men. Real truth about love.

When love becomes a game, everybody loses. Bestselling author and renowned relationship expert Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., knows what woman really need today—and it’s not a relationship built on lies and manipulation. Instead, she offers a real alternative: The Real Rules.

The real rules are not about trying to be what a man wants so he’ll marry you. They’re not about fear—fear of being alone, fear of “blowing” a relationship with one wrong move. The real rules are about becoming the confident, unique woman you really are and finding a man who loves you because of it.

In The Real Rules, Barbara De Angelis won’t just teach you how to get a man—she’ll teach you how to get the right man, and create a love that lasts forever. Learn:

• How to Stop Sabotaging Your Love Life with the Old Rules
• The Six Most Important Character Traits to Look for in a Man
• What Men Really Want in a Woman (And in the Bedroom)
• When and How to Ask a Man for a Commitment
• How to Avoid the Wrong Men and Attract the Right Ones
. . . and more

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