Dating Rocks!: The 21 Smartest Moves Women Make for Love

Dating Rocks!: The 21 Smartest Moves Women Make for Love
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Dating Rocks is a 240 page dating manifesto that outlines everything a woman should do to find, date and keep a man — from being aware of her physical appearance to honing her listening skills.

The best part of this book is Nakamoto’s wit as he helps the reader along. As a former Dale Carnegie instructor, personal development trainer, and international tour director, Nakamoto knows how to tell a story. There’s a rather amusing tale of how he and a friend had sworn off all women as gold-diggers since all of the women they encountered at an upscale nightclub would only go out with them once. A friend of theirs tells them, “The problem isn’t that these women are gold-diggers. It’s that you guys unfortunately can’t afford them.” Lesson to be learned from such wise words: don’t try to place the blame for your lousy love life on someone or something else; be proactive, take control of your love life, and good things will follow.

The book follows a rigid but successful format. Each chapter begins with a nifty quote from a major author or artist, past or present. For instance, Chapter 13 titled “Competition,” opens with a quote from Margaret Halsey: “The great disadvantage of being in a rat race is that it is humiliating. The competitors in a rat race are by definition rodents.” An honest male prospective that summarizes what is to be learned in the chapter follows these quotes. Nakamoto also includes an anecdote from his life such as the email he received from a woman complaining about an aspect of her dating life, followed by a list of steps on how to successfully accomplish whatever the theme of the chapter happens to be.

Nakamoto, is not new to the “how to catch a man arena.” His previous book, Men are like Fish: Everything a Woman Needs to Know about Catching a Man, was a funny, intelligent look at the dating scene with tips on how to not only initiate a great relationship but enhance the one you are in. In his latest book he offers an honest and refreshing male perspective that any woman can use if she finds herself in a dating slump.

Unlike many of the dating books out there, he doesn’t send the message that women should wait for a man to decide what he wants to do about being together but instead he teaches women how to be proactive when it comes to their love life. He tells them to put themselves first — their needs, wants, and desires. Ladies, you can’t get any better advice than that.

In Dating Rocks you will find no catchy phrases and no antiquated ideals, just good solid advice (that may or may not net you a man), but along the way will provide you with a great deal of fun, insight and personal growth.

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