5 erogenous zones of a girl waiting for your touch

The body of the beloved woman is the most seductive for any man. But very often we are limited to banal caresses, kissing her breasts and sucking her earlobes, and even then not always. But there are so many sensitive areas on her body, stimulation of which will bring her pleasure and make it as pleasant as possible! After all, her pleasure is not only a long sex, which you can get with Viagra, that is on the website https://edpharm-france.com/acheter-viagra-generique-100mg/. And if she feels good, then you feel good too. So do it!

The face

Very often a woman can not reach orgasm, because she is too tense. After all, during this process, the brain is disconnected from the body! It is in your power to help your lady get maximum relaxation. Just put her head on your lap and gently massage the area above her eyebrows. After all, very often all the tension is concentrated there. Thus, you will remove it and provide her with pleasure. Not out of place would be touching the lips with the fingers. But only gentle.

The neck

One of the strongest female erogenous zones. The touch of her neck, especially your lips, can turn your girlfriend with half a turn, and she has already pounced on you in a fit of passionate sex. The probability is high, so not to screw up, take specialized medication – to buy them today is very easy. And the thing is that on this part of the body the skin is very thin, so the nerve endings are very close to the surface.


The inner side of her hand, from the hand to the elbow, is very sensitive to temperature. So you can apply a very non-trivial way of excitement – lick this part of the body, and then – blow on it. From this effect it may even give her goosebumps. If you do everything gently and sensually, your lady should be pleased.


Yes, this seemingly rough part of the body is also very sensitive to male caresses. Massage it between the shoulder blades, stroke the entire back, gently passing your hand, going lower and lower. You can touch her breasts with your fingers, while caressing her back. Such attention will be pleasing to her, and not only physically, but also morally. After all, massage is a demonstration of care.


Some researchers of the female body believe that one of the strongest stimulators of sexual arousal is the expectation of touch. Stroke her legs, the inside of her thighs, gently get to the most important part, and guide your fingers to her feet again. Each time your fingers get closer to her genitals, the excitement will get stronger and stronger.

Use (in a good way) your girlfriend’s body, and you’ll both get boundless pleasure. If you have problems with erectile function, or you just want to try something new, then you should take a closer look at the products of https://edpharm-france.com/. There are many great medications here that will help you get the passion back into your sex life. If you are intimidated by the too high cost of medications, you can look at special generics that have the same composition but are noticeably more affordable.


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