Why I Created Books About Dating

Books About Dating is intended as a reference site to help us all save the time and negative emotions that bad choices in relationships can lead to. We all have different needs and wants in relationships so I will try to offer a diverse set of literature as well as a discussion forum and other potential outlets as this site evolves. I really appreciate any input or suggestions as I try to make this a very informative site so please feel free to contact me with your ideas!

My Personal Dating Past

I am 30 years old, single but happily taken, and have been in many relationships over the past 14+ years. My longest relationship was almost 3 years and resulted in breaking off an engagement. I have been with my current girlfriend since July 2011. I feel I have experienced a lifetime’s worth of issues since I started dating, some easier to handle than others. I have had to deal with major relationship issues such as addictions, overcoming differences, separation from friends / family, cheating, one night stands, and even emotional abuse. I have found that the experience has made me a much stronger, better partner but it wasn’t necessary to go through all the negative / draining emotions to learn that.


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Make or Break First Date Tips


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