Dating Expert: Attract Women in Three Easy Steps

The sexiest thing for a woman is a confident man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Learning how to attract women can be as simple as adhering to three easy steps, says Dating Expert Carlos Xuma in his new report.

The first step in effectively learning attracting women tips is the understanding that women are attracted to men who project confidence, Xuma says in his report. “Most men don’t realize that confidence is a cycle that feeds on itself,” Xuma says. “Accomplishing something builds more self-confidence and keeps the wheel spinning. The old adage ‘Nothing succeeds like success’ definitely applies here.”

Men looking to build their self-confidence need to confront their fears and just do it. For instance, a man who is feeling insecure should go up and ask for a girl’s phone number, Xuma says in his report on how to attract women.“The only way a man can overcome his fear of rejection and boost his self confidence is to face his fears head on,” Xuma says. “That is the only way to truly gain self-confidence.”

Until it becomes second nature, a man should just fake it and use posturing, Xuma advises. The more he does it, the less anxiety he will feel until it becomes a natural and easy step in his efforts to attract women instantly, Xuma says.

Xuma outlines three key steps in detail in his report. A second powerful and important step that men need to learn is to nurture and exhibit ambition, Xuma explains in his report. A man with a purpose is a powerful aphrodisiac, he says.“Having a purpose and ambition makes a man very attractive and increases his ability to attract women tenfold,” Xuma says in his report. “The purpose or ambition doesn’t need to be earth-shattering or world-changing. It could be as simple and basic as creating a loving family.”

Another key step in the journey to attract women involves a man creating his own code of behavior, Xuma says.“What that means is that a man needs to draw his line in the sand and stand firm on what he believes and what he feels is acceptable treatment from others,” Xuma says. “In other words, a man needs to stay strong in not taking any crap from other people.”

Carlos Xuma has spent over 10 years teaching hundreds of men flirting tips for guys and has been a dating expert and attraction adviser for more than 10 years. He has appeared on ABC and CBS television, as well as Playboy radio. He’s the author of The Bad Boy Formula, Secrets of the Alpha Male, the Girlfriend Training Program, and numerous other books and articles. He has also been recognized for his work sharing dating advice for guys and sharing tips on pick up artist techniques and how to bolster confidence with women.


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