Make or Break First Date Tips

You’re about to head out on your first date. This means you’re probably jittery, nervous, and curious about what the rest of the night will hold. You know it is essential to make a good first impression, and you want to make sure you know just how to do so. There are a few easy first date tips you can remember to make the most of your initial meeting. There are also some big no-no’s to remember for the night. The advice below should help you make the best first impression and improve your chances of having a long, successful relationship.

First Date Tips #1 – Be Honest, Don’t Exaggerate

It’s the simplest of our first date tips but a lot of people still try to inflate their accomplishments in order to look better than they are on the first date. Instead, you should always be honest about yourself. Exaggerating your qualities, or just downright lying, is bad for two big reasons. First of all, you may be sending the wrong signal to your date. For example, how do you know that when you’re telling her all about how you can bench 315, she’s not going to say she loves going to the gym and would like to work out together? Most lies and exaggerations eventually come full circle and may even be found out at a later date, causing problems in a relationship. Say you lie to him and tell him blonde is your natural color, when in reality you have to visit the salon every four weeks on the dot to keep your brunette roots from showing through. One day, he might stumble across your salon receipt for hair color treatments and wonder why you lied to him about something so trivial, causing distrust in the relationship. It’s better to be honest and increase your chances of ending up with someone who loves you for who you really are.

First Date Tips #2 – Look Nice, But Not ‘Too Nice’

Everyone wants to make sure they are looking their best for a first date. If you’re a girl, this means putting on your favorite makeup and a fresh, new outfit. If you’re a guy, this means making sure your clothes are clean and crisp and you have on your best cologne. However, you must be careful not to go overboard. Putting on too much makeup can make a girl look unattractive, sometimes even scary. Putting on too much cologne can leave your date holding their nose the whole time, wondering why you stink so much. Make sure that when it comes to doing yourself up, you do it in moderation.

First Date Tips #3 – Talk About Your Life, Not Your Problems

So often on first dates, one or both of the people turn the conversation to an unhappy topic like their ex, their dog that just died, or how much they hate their coworkers. As validating and freeing as it might be to get these topics off of your chest, a first date is not the time to do it. People enjoy being around happy people more than unhappy people. The reason for going on a date in the first place is to have fun and get to know someone new, so don’t spoil the having fun part!

There will be time later to talk about your problems, once you’re already in a relationship and have a support system for each other. For now, focus on talking about the good things that happened in your day, your favorite things to do, and the humorous things you’ve noticed. Remember, if you are smiling and happy, your date will be smiling and happy too. Smiling and happiness usually leads to second dates.

Now that you know all about what to do and not to do on a first date, we’d like to wish you good luck on this exciting occasion. Who knows, the person you’ll soon be meeting up with could one day end up being your better half! Check back to often as we will continue to add first date tips and other dating advice on a regular basis!


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Make or Break First Date Tips