How to Double Your Time at Second Base in Dating

In dating, we often find that the boundaries are important, but what about kissing and sensual touch? These three bases are equally important, but some people overlook them and are missing out on the most satisfying experience of all: love. In fact, it’s best to keep your boundaries at all times. Listed below are a few suggestions that will help you get started. Here’s how to double your time at second base in dating:

Boundaries are the second base in dating

In dating, boundaries involve determining the speed at which you want a relationship to develop. Boundaries are vital to the success of any relationship, as they prepare you mentally for the relationship and help prevent embarrassing behavior. Here are some tips for setting boundaries:

Sensual touch is the fourth base

You’ve probably heard that the fourth base in dating is the kiss. In fact, it’s the fourth base in a five-base game. Once you’ve reached the fourth base, you can almost hear each other’s heartbeat and realize that you’re heading towards making out! Of course, you still have to play safe. During the following bases, your kisses will intensify. In fact, by the fourth base, you’ll be able to hear each other’s heartbeat and you’ll realize you’re headed towards making out.

Mutual pleasure is the fifth base

Sexual intimacy starts with kissing and affection, and continues with fondling over clothes. Next, you move on to oral sex, followed by handjobs and full-on penetrative sex, sometimes called the home run. Finally, you move on to the fifth base, known as anal sex. Fortunately, both of these stages can be mutually satisfying. If you’re looking for the ultimate sexual experience, mutual pleasure is the key to success.

Kissing is the third base

The second base of kissing in dating is much more intense than the first. It involves intense touch of the breasts, touching chests, and sensual strokes. The intensity of the kissing grows as the couple becomes more intimate. Eventually, the kissing gets intense to the point that they feel each other’s heartbeat and realize they are on the verge of making out. But, if you don’t want to ruin your date’s surprise, don’t go ahead and rush the process.

Getting to first base is a big deal in baseball

Getting to first base is an important position in baseball, and players with the skills needed to play the position need to know what the proper play is. A first baseman must be quick and alert to field balls down the foul line. Pull hitters are notorious for hitting balls down the foul line. They can be dangerous for the fielders behind them, so first basemen must have quick reflexes and a good arm to field them quickly.

Getting to second base is a big deal in dating

Getting to second base is a big thing in dating. This is when you’ve already shown your sexy side to your partner, and it’s time to try to get him or her to take you further. You don’t want to be too cautious, but if you don’t know what to do, you may just make things even worse. Here are some dating advice:

Getting to second base is a step up from kissing

Getting to second base in dating involves touching and stimulating a partner’s upper body, rather than just kissing. Second base focuses on the sensations of breasts, and moves beyond pecking and kissing. In second base, you gently stroke your lover’s nipples, feel the texture of their skin, or even trace your fingers up their back. You may even try stroking their jaws. Second base is definitely a step up from kissing.


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