How to Marry a Black Man

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Ten of Monique and Cassandra’s twenty-five tips…

  • 1.Get your act togetha, so when you finally do meet Mr. Right, he can’t resist you.
  • 2.Smile and say “hello” to every Black man you see.
  • 3.Forgive old lovers and make peace with them.
  • 4.Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a husband.
  • 5.Go on as may blind dates as possible.
  • 6.Date men who are not your “type”–you may be pleasantly surprised.
  • 7.If you ask a man a series of questions within the first five minutes of meeting him, he’ll tell you almost anything you want to know.  After that he clams up and won’t tell you a thing.
  • 8.If you realize right away he is someone you don’t like but does have an interesting job or hobby, he may have a friend who’s perfect for you.
  • 9.If he’s available and you like him, don’t hesitate to let him know.
  • 10.Dress conservatively.  If you attract him with your body, how are you going to keep him with your mind?

About six years ago, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Monique Jellerette was desperate to get married, but couldn’t seem to find the right man.  A married friend, Cassandra, offered some solid (albeit unsolicited) advice. Monique, determined to do it her own way, suffered through a few more dates from Hell before she realized Cassandra’s tips might make sense.  So she started putting Cassandra’s suggestions to work, made up a few tricks of her own, and devised a plan of action…Six months later Monique met and married Bob and became Mrs. Monique Jellerette deJongh!  Now, in How to Marry a Black Man, Mrs. Monique Jellerette deJongh and Mrs. Cassandra Marshall Cato-Louis share their secrets with women everywhere.

Based on Monique and Cassandra’s proven techniques, and coupled with the results of all-male focus groups on what Black men are really looking for in a prospective mate, How to Marry a Black Man is part manual/journal and part workbook, and delivers the goods on how to master the dating game and find a husband.


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