Undercover Sex Signals

Undercover Sex Signals, bestselling author and communications expert Leil Lowndes shows how to score on every pass, with everything from the best activity for a first date to how a guy should dress to increase his odds for sealing the deal. Learn the twenty-six undercover sex signals and the real tactics that will teach you to:

  • Master step-by-step foreplay from across the room
  • Use right opening phrases (not “lines”!)
  • Never hear the word no again
  • Look for sex in the right places
  • Win in the online sex game
  • Develop the “never-fail pickup”
  • Understand the perfect timing for when to ask, when to kiss, when to call, and other follow-up strategies

With instructive black-and-white photography and invaluable advice, Undercover Sex Signals ensures that you’ll never blow another opportunity again.


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