Where’s My Mate?

Where’s my mate? is the story of the how the Lord placed Bethany and her husband together for the purpose of marriage. This book is filled with real life testimonies and revelations of how the Lord places people together for marriage. This book is a must read for all singles who are ready for a wedding ring!

Not only is this an excellent study on finding out God’s will for you life when it comes to marriage, but it is also an excellent guide for living a holy life! Bethany just doesn’t talk about hooking people up; She talks about Christians living a life separated and holy for God. Doing the word of God not just reading it.

It sets a simple guideline for those who are looking for a mate to purify themselves while waiting for Gods perfect provision of a spouse. I attended the first week of her six week study and was so impressed I invited a friend I had known for 16 years. By week six of the study we both knew God had called us to walk together and we were married about seven months later! I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a Christian spouse for their life!


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